Tax Advisory Services

Drudge Consulting offers a range of tax services to assist taxpayers with tax planning, compliance, revenue negotiations and appeals. We specialize in the following taxes:

We provide the following CIT compliance services to companies:

  • Preparation and filing of annual income tax returns.
  • Final returns – This includes advising on due dates for filing and final payments of CIT.
  • Assessment – Representing the Company and corresponding with the FIRS on behalf of the Company (with the prior approval from the management of the Company in each instance), reconciling and agreeing notices of assessment where issued by the FIRS or lodging objections against incorrect assessments, and advising on final payments to be made.
  • Liaison with FIRS – Dealing with other communication relating to the Company’s taxation affairs addressed to us by the FIRS or passed to us by the Company.
  • Obtaining Tax Clearance Certificates (TCC)’s – Assisting the Company in obtaining TCC’s both for general purposes and remittance of technical fees (if any) and dividends to the Company.
  • Withholding Tax Management - Assisting in applying for tax credits based on withholding tax credit notes obtained from customers and following up with the FIRS to update your Company’s tax position accordingly.

We provide the following WHT compliance services to companies:

  • Reviewing of the Company’s invoices, ledgers, trial balance and monthly WHT schedules of payments to suppliers and contractors to ensure deductions are made at the appropriate rates.
  • Reviewing payment receipts to ensure remittance of monthly deductions to the appropriate Revenue offices.
  • Obtaining WHT receipts and credit notes in respect of remittances made.
  • Liaising and corresponding with the Revenue Houses in respect of monthly WHT filings.

We provide the following VAT compliance services to companies:

  • Review of monthly schedules and payment receipts.
  • Filing of monthly VAT returns.
  • Review and analysis of turnover, outgoing invoices and incoming invoices to determine appropriateness of VAT returns.
  • Review of input and output VAT on fixed assets and operating expenses.
  • Liaising and corresponding with the Revenue on any queries or issues affecting the Company in respect to the monthly returns filed.
  • Assisting with making payments to the Revenue and claims for VAT credits.
  • Highlighting potential liabilities resulting from inadequate compliance (if any) and proposing remediation measures.

We provide the following PIT compliance services to companies:

  • Initial Payroll Set-up.
  • Monthly Payroll Processing.
  • Filing of Annual PAYE Tax Returns.
  • Processing of Tax Deduction Cards (TDC).
  • Transfer Pricing (under tax advisory)