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As a local or a state government leader, you are probably tired of hearing that the current austere situation calls for strong leadership, political bravery, and courage. Instead you would like to hear from advisors who can help you make the tough choices, improve effectiveness, and contain costs.

Drudge Consulting’s government team can help you with experience, knowledge, and perspectives from the front line. Team members have a deep understanding of the fundamental operations of government units and are accustomed to serving the Federal Governments, States , cities, villages, and townships, as well as special purpose entities such as land banks, courts, pension funds, and authorities.

You can benefit from our team’s insights and its range of skills when you begin redesigning the way your organization delivers services. The team includes accountants, architects, engineers, IT experts, employee benefits specialists, investment advisors, and management consultants. This multidisciplinary team offers you a holistic approach to the challenges you face in redefining the role your organization can afford to play in the future lives of its constituents.

They have a wealth of hands-on knowledge to help map out your way forward in these post-recession years.

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